Salesforce CRM customisation and development

Navicarta recommends the industry-leading Salesforce CRM (customer/constituent relationship management) application and development platform, and can help your third sector organisation to integrate Salesforce's enterprise-class business application software into its processes and workflows, allowing you to maximise your efficiency and save costs.

Overview of Salesforce CRM for not-for-profit organisations

In today’s economy, not-for-profit organisations are providing more services than ever just when support from the government, funders and donors is dwindling. Never has it been more crucial, and more achievable, to build strong relationships with all of your constituents. Many not-for-profit organisations are now using Salesforce CRM and enabling them to:

  • Work smarter – innovating in their field while driving operational efficiencies
  • Stand out – improving constituent loyalty in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Prove impact – gaining visibility into operations and outcomes to drive greater success

Salesforce is a cloud computing-based solution so there’s no software to install or hardware to maintain. This frees up resources, so you can focus entirely on your organisation’s mission.

What does the base Salesforce system include? Imagine a unified view of every interaction your donors, volunteers, and clients have with your organisation. Combine this with all of the tools to drive growth and success – prospecting, campaign management, analytics, e-commerce, web portals, and the ability to build custom applications without having to code – and you’re well on your way to getting your organisation to work smarter while better measuring your impact.

The Salesforce Foundation provides an initial 10 licence donation and steep discounts on all future licences and products to qualified not-for-profits. There are a growing number of products built on the Salesforce platform all of which include customer relationship management as well as a host of special features and functionality.

The core features of Salesforce include:

Constituent Relationships (CRM): Everything you need to know about all of your constituents – donors, board members, staff, volunteers and clients – all in one place.

Marketing & Prospecting: Lay out your plan for affecting social change, and measure it all right here. Now you can quickly report real impact to your team, your board and your supporters.

Funders, Donations & Recurring Gifts: Manage funder relationships and manage donations from pledge to collection and eliminate wasted time entering recurring donations.

Real-time Analytics: You can’t move with speed and efficiency when you’re flying blind. Get the insight you need to stay on track.

Programme Management: You’re running lots of programmes at once to meet your mission. With management and tracking tools you can be sure they’re all pointed in the right direction.

Volunteer & Event Management: Set-up volunteer tracking and events with the most usable CRM for not-for-profits.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time, securely, inside of your Salesforce org. Get important updates about people and data pushed to you on your home page.

Email & Productivity: Salesforce CRM integrates with Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange, so you can work seamlessly with the tools you already use everyday.

Mobile Access: Never lose touch with your organisation with apps like Chatter Mobile and Salesforce Mobile. It's what you need to get the job done no matter where you are.

Content Library: Don’t waste another minute searching aimlessly for that annual report or that article reprint. All your content is right there at your fingertips. development

Enterprise application development with traditional software has always been too complex, too slow, and too expensive. A new model called cloud computing has emerged over the last decade to address these problems. Applications that run in the “cloud” are delivered as a service so companies don’t have to buy and maintain hardware and software to run them — or huge IT teams to manage and maintain complicated deployments. pioneered cloud computing with its comprehensive CRM application suite. More recently, it has opened up its infrastructure so everyone can use it for custom application development. With’s cloud platform, you can build any business application and run it on Salesforce’s servers. offers an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure platform for application development. It delivers a complete technology stack covering the ground from database and security to workflow and user interface — so you can focus on assembling, building, and instantly deploying solutions. As a result, custom application development is possible without the headaches and expense of buying, configuring, and managing development hardware and software.

Unlike separately designed hardware and software products, speeds innovation through a powerful yet easy-to-use application development and deployment model. You can easily develop and then immediately deploy your solutions to the cloud-based infrastructure. lets you implement business logic with workflow rules, approval processes, and custom code. You can store structured data, support web browsers and mobile devices, integrate with other applications, do reporting and analytics, and scale up or down — all with the sub-second response time, high availability, and security you need to run your business applications.

Developing on allows Navicarta to provide you with powerful customised business applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional database application development. 

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