Slash your IT bills with cloud computing

Navicarta's expert internet consultancy service can help you save thousands of dollars on your annual IT budget by moving your network services and data online to take advantage of the power and flexibility of rich internet applications.

In planning and developing IT infrastructure, most third sector organisations and small businesses are still reflexing today in terms of having a local network built around an onsite server. The procurement, installation and maintenance of onsite servers are far and away the biggest computer expense for these organisations, so it’s not surprising that one of the main ways of saving money on IT costs these days is to eliminate the local server and migrate to ‘cloud services’, hosted software as a service applications.

Instead of installing and maintaining an Exchange server for your organisation’s mail and groupware needs, consider switching to a hosted service like Google Apps, which offers all the same email and collaboration functionality but at a fraction of the cost and with increased flexibility, including better compatibility with mobile devices and the needs of remote workers.

Project management and constituent or customer resource management (CRM) systems are also ideal candidates for switching online and there are a variety of options available, including several specifically tailored to third sector organisations and small enterprises.

Even file storage, the core knowledge base of your organisation, can be securely hosted online, not only saving money but also simplifying backups, remote document access and collaborative working with partner organisations.

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