Social media integration

Navicarta has long promoted the use of social web and social media as means of helping third sector organisations and small businesses operate more efficiently, generate more funding, and affect more lives.

Beyond simply implementing technology, we are experts in assisting organisations rethink their overall communications plans and strategies of engagement with their stakeholders, of which social networking can form a crucial part.

We assist our clients in choosing and properly deploying the right social media tools (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In) and creating strategic outposts for community engagement and promoting their work, fully integrating these tools with the website and its CMS infrastructure to make this work as easy as possible for staff to manage, and to ensure that interest generated in these outposts drives traffic back to the core website.

Some examples of this social media integration include:

  • enabling news stories and blog articles from the website to automatically propagate to Facebook and Twitter to reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain them
  • creating a Vimeo or YouTube channel for videos but embedding these videos and podcasts directly into the website
  • creating a Picasa or Flickr channel for image galleries but embedding these hosted galleries directly into the website
  • making sure each news, events or blog page has an RSS feed for site syndication