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Internet wayfaringThe internet may be everywhere today, but it's rarely put to best use by small enterprises.

Most charities and small businesses could achieve more and spend less by harnessing the power of online technologies, including cloud computing applications, social media and content-managed websites — if only they could access and configure them properly.

That's where Navicarta comes in. We can work with your organisation to navigate the tricky waters of the modern internet and make the ‘cloud’ less obscure.

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Why use Navicarta?

Social responsibility
We work in solidarity with not-for-profit organisations and small businesses to support their work. A substantial portion of our profits are donated to charity. We are also strongly committed to protecting the environment, as evidenced by our hosting powered by 100% renewable (wind) energy.
Excellent value
We strive at all times to provide the best possible value to our clients by delivering top quality services at reasonable cost. We have extensive experience providing enterprise-level solutions to not-for-profit organisations and small businesses with limited budgets.
Client focus
Our focus is on our clients' work, not the technology. We have a long track record of working with our clients throughout the world to help them achieve their own strategic goals. That means you get on with your real work, and leave the rest to us.